La Classique des Appalaches—or Appalachian Classic—was created to allow riders in Eastern Canada and the U.S. Northeast to extend and end the season in grand style. Among the most unique and challenging one-day races in North America, it comprises ascents reaching over 2,700 meters (8,860 ft) and an epic journey some 135 km (84 mi.) both on asphalt (90 km/56 mi.) and graded dirt roads (45 km/28 mi.).

The jewel in its crown has to be the finish atop Mount Arthabaska, a rise of 2.6 km/1.6 mi. at 6.7%, including a beautiful 300 meters at 12%! Well worth the $12,000 in prizes—and the mythic immortalization—awaiting the winners. Oh, and the first to cross the finish line will also be rewarded by receiving their weight in maple syrup... kind of a sweet deal!

UP TO $12,000

Prize money total amount will correspond to the total amount of race registrations, up to $12,000, and will be distributed pro rata to the inscriptions. In addition, depending on the numbers in each classification, the last position offering you the chance get your hands on a prize could be anywhere between 5th and 15th place.

 As a first step, to determine prizes available in each category, a pro rata calculation will be made using the following formula:

Then, as a 2nd step, the size of the categories will determine each grouping’s share of the total, with three possible scenarios (note: the table reads horizontally, from left to right):

Note that regardless of the scenario considered, FQSC scales will be met and/or exceeded. At the time of writing, all four 2016 classes are in effect for the 2017 edition.

The organization reserves the right to adjust or redesign classes, or purse prizes allocation, if called for by number of entries and if sufficient time exists to do so before the event.