Looking for a place to make your base camp the day before your event, or to enjoy the splendours of Victoriaville and its region all weekend long? We’ve found it for you! Located within 5 km of the departure site, the Quality Inn & Suites and Le Victorin, both official partners of the Classic, have everything you need: soft beds, a modern environment, friendly staff, large parking areas... and special rates for your stay: Just mention the "Appalachian Classic". 

Worth noting: The Quality Inn & Suite offer also includes breakfast.

Oh... and of course, your bikes are welcome!

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To discover many inspiring packages, exciting activities, not to be missed touristic venues, or to have an overview of the hospitality options, on going events, spa or restaurants... in short, all you need to plan a memorable stay!


Looking to earn back all those calories you burned on those ascents? Or maybe those warm asphalt and dry dirt roads helped you work up quite a thirst! Either way, we know a lot of great places to share a glass or break some bread. Here’s a few places we know you’ll be welcome to toast your victory over the Classic, or hey! …celebrate your survival, or even defeat!


Leave the nutritional gel-bags in the hallway at home? Missing your tire-repair tools? Need a last minute tune-up or adjustment? Here’s a few places where you’ll find quality service, advice and just about anything else you might need.